While birds may beautiful to look at, they can also create a lot of issues and problems for your home and roof. Nesting birds can destroy roofs and gutters. Birds like woodpeckers can chop away at wood sections or shingles. Bird droppings may include acid elements that can cause all types of problems. If you are upgrading the roof on your home, then you want to ensure that the roof remains protected and in pristine condition. One of the best ways to do this is by hiring a roofing contractor to install a number of special features that will help keep the birds away. Knowing what types of features you can get will help you plan out your roof upgrade and give you the best options for your property.

Roofing Materials

When birds are flying on your home, they may be looking for a home of their own. This is why natural products like wood, slate, or clay shingles can act as as attractant for them. The shingles are ideal places for the birds to perch, nest, or spend their days. A more traditional roofing product like asphalt shingles can help keep birds away. The tar, rubber, and other materials are not as attractive to birds, and it will not act like a natural home to them. Asphalt shingles also come in a variety of different designs, allowing you to keep your home stylish while still easily keeping the birds out.

Shingle Colors

Once you decide on the best material to help deter birds from your home, you can take things one step further by choosing a shingle color. Birds are naturally drawn to more natural colors on homes. Greens and browns resemble the same types of trees that birds are used to nesting in. When choosing a single color, it's a good idea to go to one side of the spectrum. A really light color can help keep birds off the roof. You can also go with a really dark color like a black. This will not look like an ideal place for the birds to land. Choosing a color for your home will also depend on the type of siding that you have. It's important to match the siding colors of your home to give it a more natural look.

Gutter Spikes

Another area where birds may nest, perch, or create droppings are the gutters on your home. When birds are near the gutters, they can easily create interference and problems with the edges of your roof. To help keep birds off the gutters, you can have a roofing contractor install gutter spikes. Gutter spikes are thin metal spikes that stick up from the bottom of the gutter. The spikes are evenly spread out to make it nearly impossible for a bird to land inside of them. The spikes are not sharp enough to injure a bird, but will make it too uncomfortable for them to land or nest inside of the gutter.

Chimney Cap

Any chimneys or openings on your home are like an open invitation for a bird to come nest and live. When your roof is getting upgraded, you can ask about special chimney products to keep the birds away. One of the more common products is a chimney cap. These metal caps will protect the chimney from all types of bird activity. It can also protect your chimney area from additional pests like squirrels or raccoons. The durable nature of a chimney cap can also prevent birds from simply knocking it off and getting access to the chimney. They are also durable during multiple types of weather like strong winds and heavy rains.

Keeping birds away can help your roof last for numerous years. A roofing contractor at a company like Leon Construction can provide you with more information on the upgrades and various costs.