The space outside of your home is valuable living space with many benefits. If you want to get the most out of space on a porch or patio, enclosures will provide you with the perfect solution. The closing a porch will not only give your home extra living space, but it also provides a passive heating solution or a place for an indoor garden. Here are some of the many ways you will be able to use your new porch enclosure:

1. Ensure Your Enclosure Stays Cool in Summer with Ventilation Designs

One of the problems with enclosure additions to homes is the heat gain in summer. Natural heat convention is a great way to prevent heat gain and keep your home cool. Consider ventilation when you are designing your porch enclosure. One good way to add ventilation is to have a roofing contractor add skylights to the roof on your porch, which can be opened during hot summer days to allow heat to escape.

2. Giving Your Home a Passive Heating Solution for Strategically Placed Windows

Passive heating is when heat gain is used to heat your home. Good enclosure designs will take advantage of the location of the porch and windows to maximize the amount of thermal energy that is produced. Consider using a complete glass enclosure for getting the most passive heating. If you have a conventional roof, talk with a roofer about adding more skylights (windows mounted on the roof). The skylights will serve the purpose of passive heating and providing ventilation during summer months.

3. Fresh Air with An Indoor Planting and Gardening Space for Larger Enclosures

Fresh air is also important in your home, and a good way to ensure you have clean air in your home is to have more indoor plants. The addition of a porch enclosure is a good way to create an indoor garden area for your home. Consider incorporating plants into your interior design with built-in planters and features for gardening. The plants will help clean the air, and they can also be used to provide fresh vegetables and herbs for the kitchen all year.

The valuable space on porches and patios is more practical when it is closed. Talk with a roofing contractor, like Ratliff Enterprises, about some of the features for a patio enclosure when you have a new roof installed on your home. Your roofing contractor will be able to help with a lot of the features for your new patio enclosure.