When you discover that your home's roof needs replacement or repair, your initial reaction may be to call a roofing company for more information on what you can do. Don't make the mistake of calling without being prepared, since you'll need to know the following things to give the roofing company a better idea about what is going on.

Know The Roofing Material That You Have

When it comes to determining a price for repairing a roof, one big factor will be the material that needs to be purchased. It is best if you give as much information about the roofing material as you can, since they tend to vary in price. For instance, there is a difference between composite and asphalt shingles, as well as synthetic and clay shakes. If you can be specific about what you have, the roofing company can give you a more realistic quote of what the repair will cost.

Know How Big Your Roof Is

While you do not need to use a tape measure on your roof to get a precise measurement, you'll need to know the approximate size of how big your home's roof is. An easy way to do this is to provide a rough square footage based off the dimensions of your home. For instance, a home that is 25'x25' will have 625 sq. ft. of roof to replace. In addition, you can also provide info about approximately how steep your roof is. A taller roof is going to be slightly bigger in terms of square footage, which means more material is needed to replace it. This should be enough info for a roofer to provide you with an estimate that will be accurate.

Provide A Possible Explanation of Damage

Telling a roofer that you have a roof leak isn't enough information. They need to know the cause of the leak if you can identify it. Leaks caused by missing shingles will be a different repair than a leak caused by damaged flashing. It also helps to get in your attic and see if you can identify the spot where the water is coming in. Is there a visible hole that you can see in the roof? If so, let the roofing company know.

If you can get specific with what is wrong with your roof, the roofer can get specific regarding the price to have it repaired. This will help avoid surprises about price one they get out to your home.