Amish furniture makers have been in business forever, but Amish roofing contractors? Actually, your question should be, "Why not?" The Amish build their own homes and raise their own barns, so why would they not make good roofing contractors? Additionally, there are several reasons why you want the Amish to do your roof, and all of them are really good reasons too.

They Are Very Honest, Hardworking People

The Amish are well-known for being very honest, hardworking people. It is atypical for them to be dishonest with you, or try to pull the wool over your eyes. As such, it is easy to trust them and easier to trust the work that they do. You know that what they say can be taken at face value, and that when the Amish contractor says he is going to have your roof done by a certain day, he knows with absolute certainty that that is when your roof will be done. (After all, they can raise a barn in a day, and a roof is a smaller project than a barn!)

They Are Not Distracted By Electronics

Non-Amish contractors are distracted by phones, smartphones, tablets, portable radios, MP3 players, etc. They frequently are putzing with something that distracts them from their work. That is not the case with Amish builders because the Amish do not invest in such devices, nor do they take these devices with them to their work site. They come focused and prepared to do the job at hand. They start with the sunrise and end with the sunset. They take a noon lunch break and possibly a supper break if the sun is still up at that time. The rest of the time, they are hard at work.

Their Work Is Known for Its Master Craftsmanship

If you want something built right for a lifetime, you have the Amish build it. That is a common saying in regards to Amish furniture, and it is no less true of Amish homes and Amish-constructed roofs. They use age-old means of building and keeping things together with few metal fasteners, relying on the weight and pressure of the structure itself to keep it secure. Glue may also be used, but only when absolutely necessary. The rest of the time the construction techniques and designs used by the Amish help keep the roof in perfect shape and held together firmly and solidly.

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