Gutters should not resemble long rectangular planters, and you shouldn't have wild plants growing spontaneously from your gutters. Plants grow because an accumulation of soil and moisture that may be causing major damage both to the gutters and the exterior walls of your home. Your gutters must be thoroughly cleaned and inspected before further damage occurs which may find the gutters in your yard with the rest of your planters.

How Do Gutters Get Filled with Soil?

Rainwater will wash dirt from your roof and into your gutters, where it joins with leaves, sticks ,and other debris to block the downspouts that are used to remove the water from the roof and direct it away from the home's foundation. As the rainwater eventually evaporates, the soil and debris remain, creating a thick sludge that covers the bottom of the gutters. As more rain and wind add more contaminants to the gutters, the soil and debris accumulates to a point that plant life can be sustained from errant seeds blown by the wind.

How Can a Clogged Gutter Cause Damage to an Exterior Wall?

Both soil and accumulated water add an inordinate amount of weight to gutters, which can cause them to pull away from the exterior walls to which they are attached. When water is blocked from entering a downspout, it will flow behind the gutter and gradually wear away the wall, leading to possible leaks inside the home. As the wall becomes damaged by water, clogged gutters take an even heavier toll and pull further away until they sag and eventually fall.

How Are Clogged Gutters Cleaned & Repaired?

The soil and debris is removed by hand, with a narrow hand tool that is designed to fit inside gutters. If the exterior wall is sound, the gutter spikes or screws that are used to secure the gutters can be hammered or tightened. The gutters must also be pitched slightly downward toward downspouts so rainwater will flow freely toward the spouts.

While you can perform these tasks yourself, they are very arduous, requiring constant ascending and descending of ladders as you move along the gutters to clean and secure them. The accumulated material inside the gutters may be sun-baked on the bottom layers and difficult to remove, and also deceptively heavy as it is removed.

A gutter service like Hogan  Roofing is a great choice for gutters that have been neglected long enough for plants to grow from them. A trained eye is needed to spot potential damage to gutters and walls, and your knees will thank you when you save them from climbing and standing on ladders for the amount of time it takes to do gutter cleaning and repairs.