Roof leaks and problems can cause worry and concern that you'll have to replace your commercial roof right away. However, another process is an option; roof restoration is another choice you can make. If you're unsure restoration is appropriate for your company's business instead of replacement, consider these supportive reasons.

Restoration is Cheaper 

Because the entire commercial roof won't have to be removed and replaced, restoration allows your to retain portions of the existing roof that are not having problems. Ultimately, that ends up costing less than replacing the entire structure. There will be less labor hours, less materials needed and fewer transportation costs overall. Being able to repair problems such as leaks without paying for an entire replacement can allow you to save money for other purposes.

Restoration is Quicker

If you already have a leak getting into your commercial building, your products could be damaged and the water can make a risky situation for your employees. A replacement of the whole roof will take a number of days and you'll have to make arrangements to avoid more trouble inside your building. A restoration, on the other hand, can be completed faster and fix the problems you that were causing the problem in the first place. That means that employee work and business productivity aren't interrupted for as long a period.

Restoration Creates Less Waste

An old roof that must come off creates a lot of debris that must be recycled, disposed of and taken to landfills. Restoration is a much cleaner, environmentally-friendly option; the only waste made is on the portions of the roof worked on. If you pride yourself on running a green, eco-friendly business, doing a restoration when you can, instead of a replacement, can help you stay true to the principles of your business.

Restoration May Be Better for Your Taxes

Whenever you replace something like your roof, you'll typically report that on your yearly business taxes as a so-called "capital" expense. Restorations, on the other hand, can be simply recorded as maintenance. That can provide tax benefits that replacement does not. That's because capital expenses cannot give the immediate deduction that maintenance costs can. In addition, the work done during a restoration can ultimately mean that you can get ENERGY STAR rebates and credits.

With consideration, commercial roof restoration proves itself a solid option for any business having roof problems. Discuss restoration with local contractors to learn more