Homeowners spend a lot of money trying to keep their home in style. Many homeowners are constantly updating their furniture and paint to keep their home looking trendy and nice. However, just like any interior design feature can date your home and make it look older actually is, there are many structural and exterior design features on a home that can date it. For instance, an old roofing materials can make your home look very old. Not only can the individual roof tiles fade and get dirty over time, making them look old, they can also just look out of date because of the style.

Just like with any other design feature in your home, roofing products go through trends. For instance, slate and clay are two roofing tile products that are extremely popular and trendy right now. These are not new materials. In fact, they have both been used in residential construction for centuries. This article explains the key differences between clay and slate roofing products.

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are lightweight, shaped, brittle, and very affordable. Clay is a popular roofing material that looks great in European style architecture. You will often hear the term Spanish tile roof, but this is just a clay tile roof. Clay has been used in roofing construction for so long because it is so lightweight, easy to install, and affordable. It is also readily available in most regions all over the world. The main drawback to clay tiles is that they can be brittle, and they don't offer the best insulation.

Slate Roofs

Slate, on the other hand ,is far more durable than clay. Slate is a natural stone that comes directly from the earth. It is heavy and strong. It is very unlikely that a slate tile will ever break. Most slate tiles are just flat, which means that you can't have shaped tiles. Nonetheless, clay tiles are often rough hewn with a raw cut. This means that they have natural edges and textures that make them look like a real rock. Slate will remain waterproof without any special care of TLC. Homeowners love the natural look slate because it looks great on all types of architecture. Slate works equally well on modern homes and rustic construction.

Either of these materials can be a great choice for a residential upgrade. It largely comes down to your budget and style. Learn more about your options through services like WNC Roofing.