If your home has been damaged during storms, there are many dangers that you should be aware of. One of the most common causes of injuries while doing home maintenance is improper use of ladders, but there are other dangers on your roof. You should be aware of things like utilities, debris and fall hazards. Here are some tips that will help you avoid some of the most common causes of injury when doing storm damage repairs:

1. Proper Use of Equipment to Avoid Fall Injuries

Improper use of equipment like ladders and fall protection systems are the most common causes of injury. First, make sure you use the correct type of ladder for the repairs you are doing, which should be an extension ladder for getting on the roof, and use it correctly. Make sure you also use a harness system for roof repairs and the appropriate anchor and cord, which should be designed specifically for roof construction.

2. Dangers of Utility Damage When Doing Roof Repairs

Utilities are another danger that you are going to face when doing repairs to your roof. You probably know to stay away from power lines, but also, stay away from anything that they come in contact with. In addition, old telephone lines and other utility wires are also electrical hazards when doing storm damage repairs, and if you ever smell gas leave the area immediately. Always contact emergency services and the utility company to repair this damage before attempting to do any repairs to your home.

3. Debris and Structural Damage Hazards When Repairing Storm Damage

There is also the debris and structural hazards that you should be aware of when dealing with storm damage. Use caution to avoid loose materials and debris that cause slip hazards when walking on your roof and wear soft-soled shoes for a better grip. In addition, watch for structural damage that may cause collapse hazards. When there is severe structural damage, it is better to contact a professional roofer to inspect the damage and help with repairs to avoid injury. Never get on structures that are unstable because even the slightest disturbance may cause a collapse and injury.

These are some tips to help you avoid some of the most common causes of injury when doing repairs to your roof. If you need help with repairs, contact a professional roofing contractor to ensure you stay safe.