There aren't many home remodels that are as major as roof replacement. Of course, replacing your roof is going to cost thousands of dollars. But, this is a worthwhile investment for many properties. If you have an old roof that is leaking or just not very energy efficient anymore, a new material can solve most of your problems.

Energy Efficiency

Modern roofing products are more energy efficient than ever, and they can definitely help you to create a greener home with lower utility bills. Of course, a new roofing material is also going to completely change how your home looks. The roof is often the defining factor when it comes to the overall style of your property. And so, you can modernize your product and improve the style by updating your roof.

Slate is a Natural Product

Slate is one of the most popular natural roofing products on the market. There are modern, synthetic materials that are well liked because of their practicality and easy maintenance, but it is hard to beat the natural durability of state. That is, there aren't many natural products that are as stylish, durable, and low maintenance as slate. A slate roof can easily last over 100 years with very little upkeep and maintenance during that time period.

Slate roofs usually consist of tile or slabs. Either way, the pieces are basically quarried directly from the Earth's core. Slate conveniently breaks into thin slabs that can be perfect for a roofing tile. The slate ends up being textured, with a completely random surface and pattern. This means that every piece of slate is a little bit different from the next. Altogether, when these pieces are installed on the roof, it creates a pattern that is naturally beautiful.

Slate is Low Maintenance

One of the best things about slate is that it does not need to be sealed, stain, or finished in any way. It is naturally water resistant, even though will get a little darker when wet. There is a slight risk of moss build up on porous sections of slate. However, moss build up is a minor issue and it can be easily cleaned or left alone if you like the way it looks.

Impressively, slate can look great on any type of home. Whether you have a modern, mid-century architecture or a rustic cabin, slate is one of the most stylish options on the market. Contact a company like Pyramid Roofing Inc for more information and assistance.