You can get away with procrastinating some things in life, while letting other things go will really come back to haunt you. As a homeowner, ignoring a leak in your roof, even a small one, will get you into a whole lot of trouble you'd rather avoid.

1. The Mounting Cost Of Eventual Repairs

Even a small leak can be a big expense; thus, leaving a leak to run its destructive course through your home for any length of time means unnecessarily running up the costs of repairing it. If you're worried you don't have the funds available for roof repairs, consider applying for a small home improvement loan or asking a roofing service about possible payment plans.

2. Rotting Materials Inside And Out Of The Home

A leak starting somewhere in the roof travels through layers of materials to get to the ceiling or a wall, and as it continues, so does the water damage. The longer you procrastinate, the more damage is done, and especially if you have an attic, that's a whole other room at risk. Water seeping into your Sheetrock leaves an ugly stain, and you'll have to fix that, too, at some point. Worse still, a leak that's allowing water to fall down onto the next floor means the possibility of replacing the carpet or other flooring material, and that will add considerably to your growing repair bill.

3. Creeping Mold That Could Make You Sick

Besides the unsightly mess and destruction of a leak gone wild, you leave yourself and your family vulnerable to the possibility of mold growth, and that's not something you want to put off dealing with any longer than is absolutely necessary. Mold can cause a number of health problems which, unfortunately, could be misdiagnosed as something else, including:

  • Skin rashes
  • Eye irritation
  • Compromises to the immunity system
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Breathing issues
  • Neural symptoms, including behavior changes

Mold is nothing to mess with, even if it means having to re-work your budget in order to afford the related repairs. Unimpeded, mold will make occupants sick, as well as lower the value of the home. Even a mild mold allergy is a major inconvenience in life and something to be avoided, if at all possible. Sometimes, a home invaded by mold is worth no more than the land it's resting on, and the home could have restrictions on it in terms of selling, until the owner satisfies the criteria for making the home safe again.

4. The Electricity-Water Mix That Could Spark Disaster

Water trickling through your electrical components can quickly increase the circuitry's current, resulting in a blown fuse, at the very least. When there's no fuse to break the rising current, sparks can fly and a fire can start. Electricity plays an unfortunate role in far too many house fires, giving you ample reasons to have your leak looked at, ASAP.

5. Those Slippery Floors Someone Might Fall On

Leaks, especially those of unknown origin, can leave unexpected pools of water anywhere, creating a slippery situation where people can fall. While you can leave a bucket or two to catch the falling water, they're still going to present precarious navigating conditions for you and your family.

6. A Rise In Your Heating Bill

Because leaking water will saturate your insulation, it will eventually become highly inefficient, and that's going to lead to higher energy bills. Of course, even after you have the leak repaired, you're probably also going to need to replace the insulation if you let the situation get that far out of hand.

7. All That Stress You're Living Under

People who procrastinate may seem nonchalant on the outside, but inside, you're surely bothered by the fact that your house is in need of repair. Even if you can find excuses not to address the issue, you can't find escape from the pressure you're under because you know you really should do something. Why not alleviate that burdensome homeowner stress and finally schedule an appointment for a roofer to come over? You know you'll feel better once you do.

As a procrastinator, the consequences of putting off dishes, laundry, and other things might not be too dire, but as a homeowner, putting off that leak in your roof could be devastating. Call a roofing service, like Seagate Roofing and Foundations, as soon as you're aware of a leak and not a moment later, no matter what.