Adding or replacing shingles on your roof might seem time-consuming, but the process can take even more time if you make any of these mistakes. Then, you may be forced to replace the shingles that you have laid down with new shingles.

Remember to Lay Down Starter Shingles

Before you begin applying shingles, you will always want to lay down starter shingles. These are shingles that are placed around the eaves. If you do not put these in place, water will invade the sheathing.

Don't Cover Old Shingles

If you already have shingles on your roof, you should not cover them, but should instead remove and replace them. It may seem more convenient to simply leave the old shingles, but this will cause problems for your roof, especially with old shingles. When leaving old shingles behind, you are creating places where dirt can easily accumulate. This can lead to your roof deteriorating more rapidly. Also, the old flashing should not be reused.

Use the Right Nails

Your shingles can slip down if you do not use the proper nails. This problem may also arise when you use too few nails. Each shingle should be nailed down with at least four nails. Also, make sure that you do not drive the nails into or above the self-sealing strips. Also, make sure that the fasteners are long enough to be able to attach the shingles to the roof sufficiently. Otherwise, the shingles can loosen and are more likely to shift.

Keep Your Shingles Even

The easiest way to spot a poor roofing job is to notice that the shingles are not even. The cutouts for three-tab shingles should be vertical, and the butted joints should be on the same horizontal plane.

Use Matching Shingles

Even when using the same roofing material, you may find that the shingles you are using do not match. This often happens with asphalt shingles. These shingles are made in batches and shingles from different batches might have a different look, which can stand out. However, if you choose a home roofer who consistently uses shingles from a single supplier, you will be able to avoid this.

Don't Lift Shingles Up

If you notice a leak in your roof, you should avoid pulling up shingles to look for the leaks. Doing so can cause more damage and can also lead to leaks that did not exist before. Instead, you are better off hiring a home roof repair specialist.

Contact your local home roofers for more information and assistance.