The roof on your house is one of the many defenses that your home has against the elements. Any vulnerability in that defense can lead to a series of problems within the home. When the roof has significant damage, it should be repaired immediately. A popular choice for a replacement roof is shingles. This guide goes over the pros and cons of installing a shingle roof on your property.


One of the main benefits of choosing shingles for your new roof is how affordable they are compared to other roofing materials. People who are on a limited income or working with a certain budget, like an insurance reimbursement, may find this to be a huge advantage. Additionally, if you are looking for a material that comes in a wide variety of colors, this is the best choice. The range of styles and colors makes it a lot easier for you to match your new roof with the exterior of your home. They are a lot less unsightly than metal roofs, which are typically plain metal sheets and may clash with the rest of the property.

Likewise, the installation process for shingle roofs is easier when compared to metal roofs. If you are on a timeframe and want it done quickly, then shingles may be the best choice for you. Likewise, the tear-off process is also quicker and easier than metal roofs.


Shingles can become damaged when exposed to high winds, constant sun exposure, and other elements over a long period of time. You may have to repair or re-attach shingles that become loose after strong storms. Additionally, a shingle roof does not have the same life expectancy as a metal roof. While a metal roof lasts about 50 to 70 years before it needs to be replaced, a shingled roof may only last about 20 years. If you want a roof to last several decades, you might opt for a different material. 

Shingles are also typically made out of asphalt. If you are a person who tends to buy things that are environmentally friendly, shingles may not be the right choice for you. They are not as environmentally friendly as they may be more difficult to recycle.


As you can see, there are multiple advantages and disadvantages to installing a shingles roof. You need to weigh each one and decide which works best for your property. You can also contact a local roofing company and address concerns and questions with them and receive free quotes for your home. Contact a roof replacement service for more information.