When installing a new roof for your home, there are a lot of things to consider. Colder weather can have an effect on roofing. Therefore, you want to choose the right materials to prevent problems. In some areas, winter storms can be an issue that should be taken into account when installing new roofing. The following roofing solutions are ideal for homes in colder climates with winter storms:

Steeper Slopes And Better Watershed Design

The problems with winter weather are often due to snow loads on the roof. Therefore, you want to ensure snow flows off your roof easily. This means you want to have a steeper roof slope. In addition, you may want to add improvements to areas where snow and ice can build up during winter storms. The watershed of your roof should allow snow to flow off your roof easily to ensure heavy loads do not cause damage or hazards.

Ice Barrier Reinforcements to Prevent Winter Damage

Today, there are reinforcements that can be installed with roofing to protect against damage. These are ice barrier underlayments, which are thick rubber-like reinforcements for your roof. These special starter shingles are installed beneath the first row of roofing materials at the eaves and edges of the roof. Special ice barrier reinforcement can be installed with a layer of rubber membrane material in areas with flashing, like valleys or walls that meet roof slopes. These improvements will help prevent damage where winter weather often causes wear of roofing materials.

Roofing Materials That Are More Resistant to Winter Wear

There are also roofing materials that need to be more durable for winter weather. These can be premium asphalt shingles that are designed for colder climates. There are also options for alternatives like tile or metal roofing materials, which will be more resistant to wear. In addition, slate tiles are another common roofing material that is used in many colder climates around the globe.

Additional Roof Improvements to Prevent Winter Problems

Other improvements that can be done to your roof to protect against winter weather. These improvements can be things like heaters at the eaves or special poles to prevent snow loads from falling off the roof. Additional home insulation improvements in the attic can also help protect the roofing from winter weather and reduce energy loss. If you have gutters, you may also want to add gutter guards that prevent ice dams from forming at the eaves.  

The right roofing materials will protect your roof from damage due to winter weather. Call a roofing service to discuss the best solutions when you need to have a new roof installed.